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concept of BATNA

Please explain the concept of BATNA. What are a party's other options besides negotiation? Please give me one reference!! Thanks

Experiential Essay Submission

Discuss the importance of records management in maintaining a successful and functional office in a business environment. Subtopic 1: Discuss the legal requirements for the retention of business records. Subtopic 2: Discuss the business uses and needs for records retention, retrieval and disposal. Subtopic 3: Discuss how

Use of Cognates

How can cognates be used to enhance understanding of Spanish-speaking students on the subjects of Math and Science? Can false cognates create problems for students learning a second language?

Instructional Methods--Panel of Experts

Instructional Methods--Panel of Experts 1.The applicability of the instructional method(panel of experts) 2.Additional examples of topics that may uses this method(panel of expert) 3. Learner characteristics relevant of each instructioanl method-(Panel of expert). 4.Advantages and disadvantages of panel of experts in

Need a paper on decision-making in the classroom.

Write a reflection paper (avoiding personal pronouns), describing § how you understand or make sense of the topic § the topic characteristics § applications of the topic concepts, knowledge, and skills · Include how you anticipate the effects of the topic on you as a future teacher I decided to write about decision making in

Role of assessment

What is the role of assessment in identifying instruction design? How could assessments and technology be used in working with young children (3-5 yr olds)with special needs.

Measurable objectives

Please assist in developing 3 measurable performance objectives for instruction of a 5 yr old female with Williams syndrome. Describe why these objectives would be chosen for this particular leaning need. Additional identify teaching strategies that would be helpful in achieving these objectives. Resources to assist in further d

Regarding nature versus nurture strongest influence

Regarding nature versus nurture, which in your opinion, has the strongest influence on development? Support your answer with examples. How will your belief about nature versus nurture impact your approach to teaching?

socio-cultural influences in education

Children learn in different ways, and socio-cultural influences can add to the complexity of learning. With this in mind, what are some socio-cultural influences that directly impact academic achievement?

Relationships between advocates decision makers

Please help answer the following problem regarding learning and teaching. Provide at least 300 words. What relationships take place between advocates and decision makers. What standards are they held to in their profession?

Importance of Language and Culture

What are your thoughts A colleague states that multicultural education is un-American and will do away with our common culture. The colleague continues, "Now more than ever, in the aftermath of 911, we should focus on American history, not the history of others." How do you respond to this colleague?

multicultural education

Please assist submit a paper of a research plan by answering the following questions: What specific topic of multicultural education or culture are you interested in exploring? Why is this topic of interest? How do you intend to use your research in your profession?

Problems about mediation and advocacy

How does mediation differ from advocacy? Please choose one of the National ADR Organizations and give the class a brief description on what they do and the population they work with?

Advocate in a Helping Profession

Please help with the following problem. Being an advocate is essential in any helping profession. Although, it may seem like an easy task there is a lot of responsibility placed on a person advocating on someone else's behalf. What skills have you found are necessary to be a useful advocate? By obtaining these skills what

Application of Research

Please help with the following problem regarding learning and teaching. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Is it difficult to share and apply educational research in your professional setting? Why or why not? What can you do to improve the use of educational research?

Trends in School Violence

What are the major (changes in) trends in school violence in the United States? If someone could assist in any information or websites that would be of any help. I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Grouping structures and techniques

According to Swain (1993) providing children with authentic reasons to communicate and interact supports language development and language acquisition. Furthermore, authentic interaction opportunities enable students to move from receptive, semantic processing (listening to understand), to expressive, syntactic processing (forma

ELL Instruction Educators

Krashen and Tracy Terell (1983) stress the need for English language learners to be allowed to move into verbal production of the new language at a comfortable rate. Students must hear and understand messages in the target language and build a listening vocabulary before being expected to produce spoken language. For this reason

Summative and formative assessment

When using assessment results as an evaluation of instructional effectiveness should the test results be used as a formative or summative evaluation of the instructional effectiveness and why?