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Regarding nature versus nurture, which has the strongest influence on development?

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Regarding nature versus nurture, which in your opinion, has the strongest influence on development? Support your answer with examples.

How will your belief about nature versus nurture impact your approach to teaching?

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The expert examines nature versus nurture. The impact of your approach on teaching is determined.

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We are all born with a certain genetic predisposition toward high intellect. However, it is how it is nurtured which enables one to realize his/her full potential. Likewise, I strongly believe that despite hindrances inherited such as a learning disability can with the right degree of individualized instruction and attention open doors to our achieving more than was thought possible. There are 2 examples in my own life where I feel that 2 individuals had an unbelievable amount of intellect and yet had such a lack of nurture that I believe neither has developed to ...

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