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Measurable objectives for 5 yr. Williams child

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Please assist in developing 3 measurable performance objectives for instruction of a 5 yr old female with Williams syndrome. Describe why these objectives would be chosen for this particular leaning need. Additional identify teaching strategies that would be helpful in achieving these objectives. Resources to assist in further development of this project.

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Measurable performance objectives for a 5 year Williams syndrome child, with references

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http://www.williams-syndrome.org/forparents/whatiswilliams.html#1, general information, image, recommendation for therapy

http://www.vanderbiltchildrens.org/interior.php?mid=996&mode=&TopicID=134&search_topics=&GenCatID=&show=topic, general information and resource links

http://www.williams-syndrome.org/, organization for Williams Syndrome parents, children, teachers, etc.
http://www.williams-syndrome.org/forteachers/index.html is the page with links for teachers.
http://www.williams-syndrome.org/forteachers/teachers.html has the specific links that express William's childrens' especial strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.
http://www.williams-syndrome.org/forteachers/teachers.html#8 details their strengths, and
http://www.williams-syndrome.org/forteachers/teachers.html#9 discusses weaknesses.

1991 Discover Magazine article Different Minds, by Robert Finn:
"As educational psychologist Eleanor Semel says, 'Educators are confused ...

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