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    Lesson Plan Objectives

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    Develop a clear overall goal for the health education lesson plan you are focusing on for your SLP.

    List at least 2 affective, 2 cognitive, and 2 psychomotor learning objectives for your lesson plan. All learning objectives must be SMART. For each objective, list the National Health Education Standard(s) that corresponds with the objective(s). List the performance indicator(s) to clearly link the standard(s) to the objective(s).

    It is recommended that you select the standard(s) first and then develop your objectives. You may use the same standard more than once, or use different standards for each objective.

    After each objective, explain what makes it SMART. Be sure to explain how it meets each element (S-M-A-R-T).

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    Affective objectives
    1. The children will describe what they had for breakfast and then describe how they feel during the day so far. (Children are able to remember what they had for breakfast and tell the teacher/class how they feel whether they are ready to go or if they feel tired.) The question could be "What did you have for breakfast?" Answer will vary.
    2. The children will describe how they feel when they do exercise or just play. (Children will give various activities that they do that are fun for them. They could describe whether that activity is active or passive. Example: running or watching television/video games or playing kickball)
    Both of these objectives are realistic for hopefully they had breakfast; they are able to think ...