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Designing a Lesson Plan for First Graders

Lesson plan to teach 1st graders capitalization. Plan to use at least two different instructional strategies. Within the lesson plan, the following components must to be addressed:

1. Goals and objectives

Specific content area goals and objectives must be provided. These goals and objectives must follow the guidelines discussed in class. Provide evidence of their relation to national/state/district standards as appropriate. Also provide a description of the lesson plan's targeted population.

2. Instructional approach

At least one of the two instructional strategies used in your lesson plan should be direct instruction, indirect instruction, self-directed learning, or cooperative learning.

3. Content

The information in the lesson plan needs to be accurate and relevant to the students' needs. You also will need to develop and provide all the necessary materials for the lesson plan.

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First Grade Capitalization Lesson Plan

Foreign Language First Language/English Second Language
Language Arts/Grammar
Language Arts/Mechanics

Duration: one hour

Description: The purpose of this lesson is to teach specific rules of capitalization to first grade level ESL/LEP students. This lesson could also be used as a Language Arts/Grammar, Language Arts/Mechanics lesson for students in a regular division first grade class.

Goals: For students to be able to use English capitalization rules to achieve academically in all content areas.


* Students will be able to recognize when and where capital letters are required.
* Students will be able to recite basic capitalization rules including:
- capitalize the start of a sentence,
- capitalize names of people,
- capitalize personal I,
- capitalize the days of the week, &
- capitalize the months of the year.


* blank chart paper
* magnets to hang charts on the blackboard
* prepared chart papers containing the rules of capitalization as they are listed under the Objectives
* short selection from a known children's book -- 1 copy on paper for each student, another written on chart paper with ...

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