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Vocabulary game

Please list the vocabulary words, content area, and steps to teaching the game effectively. This game should be one that is not found on any website it is a creation of your own work.

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I've overviewed two games for you to consider.

1. Vocabulary Game: Frozen Pictures

Task: Students will work collaboratively to plan four group poses or freeze frame positions to depict visually what the word looks like. These groups' body positions and facial expressions represent the words' meanings. For example, if the word is "triumphant," students will assume the poses of Olympians who have just won gold by an open mouth, big smile, arms stretched overview, fists clenched to show victory. See what I mean?

Grade 7

English/Language Arts

Text: Sharon Creech's Walk Two Moons

Vocabulary: complicated, barreled, prickly, triumphant, vaporizing, walloping, frantically, trembled, puny, percolating, roster, sash

Rationale Objectives: Based on Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence, I made this game ...

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