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    Vocabulary game idea

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    Create a game to teach vocabulary for a selected content area. It can be for any grade.

    Consider the community in which you live and/or teach. What different cultures exist in that community?

    Develop an outline of how the Vocabulary Game will highlight the various cultures. Make sure resources and activities are respectful and authentic.

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    Since I have created a game to teach vocabulary for a selected content area, mainly English/Language Arts, I offer some ideas for you for Grade 7 to modify for your specific purposes.

    As you consider the community in which you live and/or teach, the different cultures that exist in my own school community include Hispanic (mainly Mexican), Asian (mainly Chinese and Vietnamese), African American, and Arabic.
    After learning about the various cultures through picture books, geography and history lessons, as well as other interdisciplinary approaches, the vocabulary game will be played to review the vocabulary terms and concepts.

    Because the game involves listening skills, visualization, and kinesthetic learning, it incorporates aspects of Gardner's Theory ...

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