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Meeting literacy needs

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I need to compile a list of at least five websites related to meeting the literacy needs of diverse learners and integrating writing and literature in a reading classroom. Provide the name of each website, the URL and a one-paragraph description of the website, including why you thought it was important enough to include in your list.

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This site is an excellent source for encouraging literacy because it requires interactivity and engagement. It is a site t hat allows learners to create a comic strip or original cartoon using vocabulary words. Teachers can give learners any list of vocabulary words to use and learners can then work together or individually to come up with their own stories. The site is useful for a diverse group of learners, as each learner can contribute his or her own work based on individual experiences. Students can contribute their own interpretations when working in groups as well. This encourages them to consider the experiences of other learners from diverse backgrounds. The use of vocabulary words in cartoon creation encourages learners to consider context when exploring new ...

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