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    Black cats and broken mirrors

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    The chosen semi-authentic text is " Black cats and broken mirrors". This is taken from a B1 level reading skills book.

    I need help with designing tasks to be used with this text.

    Task Design:

    Task Design
    In this section:
    1. I should design tasks and / or find supporting material which should be included in an appendix. (Criteria 1 & 3)
    2. give the rationale for my tasks with reference to the class profile. State the sub-skills (eg. gist reading) which could be developed. Use the relevant terminology. (Criteria 2 & 3)
    3. also include evidence of background reading in this section â?" include at least one or more quotations. (Criteria 4)

    If I wish, I can also adapt the text itself. If I do, I should give reasons for this and attach the adapted version in an appendix.

    The assignment must be written in continuous prose. I need to use the following headings/ format to organise it.

    Pre-reading tasks (leading to receptive skills)
    Rationale ( why will these tasks be done in the way you have chosen, explain)
    While Reading tasks (receptive skills â?" include AT LEAST two sub-skills here and identify them)
    Post-reading tasks (productive skills and, if appropriate, language/vocabulary work)

    I need to have this written organised as 3 sections ( pre-reading, while reading and post reading headings)

    Assessment Criteria is:
    1. Identifying receptive/productive skills that could be practised in relation to the text
    2. Correctly using terminology that relates to language skills and sub-skills
    3. Designing tasks in relation to the text with a brief rationale
    4. Finding, selecting and showing evidence of background reading in the topic area ie. at least one or two sourced references
    5. Using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task

    Level and Class Profile

    B1 level
    â?¢ Can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken.
    â?¢ Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.
    â?¢ Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
    Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Council of Europe as cited in:
    Thornbury, S. and Watkins, P. (2007) The CELTA Book, CUP

    Class profile
    â?¢ The class consists of 12 learners â?" 7 men and 5 women.
    â?¢ They have been together for 6 months.
    â?¢ They are interested in a range of topics and have recently studied a unit about Horoscopes.
    â?¢ They have varying levels of motivation and are mostly visual or kinaesthetic learners.
    â?¢ Some of the learners find reading boring while some of the others want to know the meaning of every single word.
    â?¢ They all enjoy discussion and are fairly autonomous.

    I need to incorporate at least two other sources (quotations)

    I am looking for an 750-1000 word response.

    Please find the black cats reading attached.

    Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!!

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    I. Pre-Reading:
    1) Ask students what they associate with black cats, broken mirrors, walking under ladders, etc. See if they come up with things such as bad luck, etc.
    2) Ask students to generate things that they consider bad luck.
    3) Ask students to explain why the things they consider bad luck could be realistically "bad luck," e.g. "walking under ladders = ladders fall," etc.
    4) Identify vocabulary words. Have students sort the vocabulary words by student or teacher-generated categories, then allow students to define words. Review words.

    II. Rationale for Pre-Reading:
    1PR) One rationale for pre-reading task 1 could be to engage prior knowledge, which will help in retention and associations.
    2PR) One rationale for pre-reading task 2 could be to get students to think deeper about "bad luck" by generating their own ideas of things that are bad luck. This could help depending on whether you want to focus the reading on author's purpose, main idea, etc.
    3PR) One rationale for pre-reading task 3 could be to get students to think about the main idea and analyze multiple perspectives, including one's own.
    4PR) One rationale for pre-reading task 4 could be to get students to become acquainted with vocabulary words that will be in the story.
    XXPR)You could connect this to the horoscope unit you mentioned doing previously.
    III. While-Reading Tasks: As an English teacher, I always use inter-textual reading strategies.
    1) HIGHLIGHTING SKILLS: Highlight the "BUTIS" (pronounced "booties") BOLD, UNDERLINE, CAPITAL LETTERS, ITALICS, Special stuff (asterisks, etc.)
    2) Main Idea summarization: Break down each paragraph into a 1 sentence main idea.
    3) Guided-Questions--> Discussion questions about the text, breaking down the text, etc.
    4) Paired-readings--> Group up students into small groups to read small sections. Provide questions (multiple-choice or open-ended) for students to write or discuss while reading. Monitor or have students recorded.

    IV. Rationale for ...

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