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    Recessive Genes and Genetic Disorders

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    Why is mating between related people result in genetic disorders? Ideas are expressed.

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    It all has to do with recessive genes.

    You have two copies of each gene - one from your mother and one from your father (this combination is known as your genotype). The combination of those two genes will lead to a specific trait (or phenotype).

    Different versions of a gene (a.k.a. "alleles") can be either dominant or recessive. Dominant means basically what you think it might - that version of the gene kind of "takes over" and expresses itself more strongly.

    If we take a very over-simplified example, let's say that there's a single gene in cats that determines the coat colour. There are two versions of it - a black one which is dominant (we'll ...

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    This job explains recessive genes.