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Fertilization /genetic trails

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1- list the steps in the process of the fertilization of an ovum.
2- describe the differences between recessive, dominant, and co-dominant genetic trails.

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1) List the steps in the process of the fertilization of the ovum

I presume that we're talking about the stage at which the sperm has actually reached the vicinity of the ovum.
In order to answer this question, consider some of the defenses the ovum has against sperm.

The ovum has a thick layer of cells lining the outside which must be breached before reaching the zona pellucida (ZP), the great barrier of the ovum. How does a sperm breach the layer of cells, known as the corona radiata, and breatch the ZP? Equally important, how does the ovum prevent multiple sperm from breaching the ZP (as in, how does the ovum stop other sperm once one of them is past the ZP?) The breaching of the ovum's defenses involves 2 (e.g. it breaches the corona radiata and interacting with the ZP) to 4 steps here, depending on the level of detail required, which you may wish to research/recall. ...

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Fertilization for genetic trails are examined. The differences between recessive, dominant and co-dominant genetic trails are determined.

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