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The Boardmaker and Language-Delayed Children

Please describe the strengths and weakness of the Assistive Technology device "Boardmaker". What are benefits in the instructional setting of a pre-k classroom when used with language delays?

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There were a lot of web sites for Boardmaker on Google, several of them good references, especially the recommended one here from the manufacturer. Search using the keyword BOARDMAKER, and take a look at the hits returned.

Web site of Boardmaker manufacturer:

Linked page for the device, lesson plans, articles and discussion forums:

Getting started, learning to use the software and how the symbols and technology can be used in the classroom, including a link for a free download of the software (a demo) that you can try out and experiment/play with:

This software uses symbols and an ...

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Discussion of Boardmaker software for language-delayed children in the classroom, with reference site, including free demo download.