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Summative and formative assessment

When using assessment results as an evaluation of instructional effectiveness should the test results be used as a formative or summative evaluation of the instructional effectiveness and why?

Instructional Designs Theories

Please help me articulate this: Critique three instructional course/curriculum design models, (pay attention to behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist theories) and explain which of the three models seems most viable. Outcome: Describe the various instructional design models. Learning Objective: Critique the three

Elementary Education Interview Paper

Select a site for interviewing an elementary teacher in a grade level of your choice. · Interview the teacher and ask him or her to reflect on students' development in each developmental domain: o Physical o Cognitive or intellectual o Emotional o Social · Write a paper on the

When to use Action Research

What are the differences between action research and other forms of research? When would it be appropriate to use action research? Give specific examples when it would be appropriate to use action research.

Explain the difference between BICS and CALP.

How does linguistic diversity influence classroom performance? Why is it important for teachers to reflect on cultural and linguistic diversity? Explain the difference between BICS and CALP. Why is it necessary for teachers to understand the distinction between these two types of language proficiency? Say you were to

James Joyce's Evaline: Summation and Conclusion

Please choose one of these questions to respond to the story 'Eveline' by James Joyce. - What is your perception of Eveline's father? Do you have sympathy for him at all or do you feel he treats his daughter poorly? - Why is Eveline so conflicted about leaving her family? - What is your interpretation of the ending of t

Action research

What are the differences between action research and other forms of research? When would it be appropriate to use action research? Cite specific examples when it would be appropriate to use action research.

Differences between Diagnostic, Formative and Summative Assessments

According to Koelsch, Estrin, and Farr (1995) "an important principle of assessment equity states that a more valid picture of what a student has learned and can do is likely to emerge when multiple sources of information are used." English learners do not always have the schema, vocabulary, and cultural connections necessary to

Teaching to the test

Please help with the following problem regarding learning and teaching. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. With NCLB is "teaching to the test" in pre-school justified? Why or why not. How should the teacher separate test preparation versus cheating?

Class observation codes

I did a classroom observation on two high school classrooms. They were as different as night and day. My instructor has asked me to review the field notes I collected for the "Classroom Observations". I need to develop a coding system for my observation notes. He instructed us that as I work on my codes, be sure to consider the

The Importance of Employee Evaluations

In regards to employee evaluations, why is it important to conduct frequent evaluations? Why can leniency in rating employees be a problem? Discuss what is meant by assignment of personnel by proportionate need. Is there a rational for overlapping shifts? Can overlapping shifts create problems? If so, what problems can occur

Process of Changing a Educational Curriculum

I need help with the following assignment; All things being equal, curriculum change does not just occur. It becomes as a result of certain factors. Discuss the factors that influence curriculum change and the problems and constraints associated with changing any curriculum

Offering individualized attention to those in need

I need help with the following assignment: Individualization has been emphasized in teaching learners with special educational needs. Describe and justify why teachers working with learners with special education needs should use the individualized curriculum approach. Why would you advise these teachers not to totally rely o

Referral Process

What are the process and strategies for Pre-referral, referral, placement, and no placement for special needs early childhood children?

Affective assessment

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What is affective assessment and why it an appropriate assessment tool? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

New Vocabulary

Reflect on how you learn new vocabulary. In what settings and around which people are you most comfortable using the new word(s)? What happens if you don't frequently use the word(s)? What are the implications of this process of learning new words to teaching key vocabulary to ELLs?

The Importance of Longitudinal Data in Instruction

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 100 words. Explain the use of "snapshots" of longitudinal data ~ what are the benefits of using longitudinal data, and how might it influence or impact our instruction or instructional methods. Provide one example of how a snapshot of longitudinal data can be used.

Disaggregated Data in an ELL Classroom

Explain the use of "disaggregated data" in an ELL classroom. What are some possible applications for the disaggregated data in terms of addressing the diverse needs of the students? Provide at least two examples of how disaggregated data can be used by educators/administrators.

Advantages/disadvantages of various testing/assessment item types

Please assist in providing feedback on the following: Portfolios, Binary-Choice, Multi binary-choice items, Multiple-choice items, Matching items, Short-answer items, Essay items, Observation approach tests. What are some advantages and disadvantages of each? Also, please provide resources/citations that I may use to further dev

Effective assessment of children's oral language development

By the time children are of preschool age their oral language development is complex and rich. This complexity makes assessment difficult. The only way to truly capture the full richness of children's langauge development is to tape their conversations as they speak and transcribe them word for word along with a detailed descrip

Portfolios for Assessment

Why have portfolios become a popular form of assessment, and are they a good way to assess learning?

The following is an explanation of the Initiation Response Evaluation pattern of class talk, which is form of conversation used in classrooms between teachers and students. There will be a definiton of the IRE, problems associated with this as well as a solution.

Individual Response Evaluation ( IRE): a pattern of classroom talk in which the teacher asks a question, a student answers and the teacher accepts or rejects the answer and goes on to ask another question. Sometimes these forms of questions are appropriate because teachers do need to get certain points across to students. IRE di

Assessments, Evalation of

I am compiling a short summary of the following assessments used to evaluate student performance. There is one area that I need assistance with. Please provide assistance in discussing supporting reasons as whether the assessment is appropriate. The assessments being summarized are: Binary-Choice Multi binary-choice items, Mult

This solution seeks to present links to on-going debates about any perceived correlation between grade inflation in college and inflated performance evaluations in corporate America.

The author provides a very broad overview of debate issues related to grade inflation in academia and inflated performance evaluation in the corporate world. The author cites the primary issues in the on-going debates and then suggests links to the debates on sites such as "Linked In" so that the student can choose which aspect

How can it be determined that learners have mastered a content?

How can it be determined that learners have mastered a content? What evidence should be provided to support this? As an instructor/teacher how would I determine whether a content-based assessment reflects learner knowledge? What if any are the shortcomings to content-based assessments? I need help finding resources that coul

Assessment: The Need for Reliability and Validity

In regard to classroom assessments what is more important: validity or reliability? Why is one more important that the other or is it? Please help with resources that could provide additional research and explanation.

Writing Process Behaviors

What teacher and student behaviors should be included in each step of a process writing activity for primary students? For older students?