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Some commonly used classroom assessments

I am compiling a short summary of the following assessments used to evaluate student performance. There is one area that I need assistance with. Please provide assistance in discussing supporting reasons as whether the assessment is appropriate. The assessments being summarized are: Binary-Choice Multi binary-choice items, Multiple-choice items, Matching items Short- answer items, Essay items, Observation approaches, Performance tests Affective assessment procedures.

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Binary Choice and Multi-Binary Choice items are two of the most appropriate assessments for higher-order thinking questions. They are considered to be highly efficient for gathering student data and more efficient for teachers than multiple choice questions. In order to ensure the appropriateness of these items the assessments should not have statements, the number of items for each category being tested should be equal and one concept should be in each statement. These assessments can include the following: true or false items, yes or no items, fact and opinion items and correct/incorrect items.Multiple Choice Items are the most appropriate assessments ...

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There are many assessments used to evaluate student performance. Not every classroom assessment is appropriate for every skill or type of question. The following solution evaluates several commonly used classroom assessments , when and discusses when each assessment is most appropriate.