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    Informal Assessment Matrix

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    develop a chart (matrix) that defines informal assessment and discusses:

    1. The uses of an informal assessment.

    2. Types of informal assessment techniques: structured and unstructured.

    3. Validity and reliability of informal assessment.

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    Types of informal assessment Definition Use
    1. Criterion-reference tests A test that is tied directly to instructional objectives. To measure students' progress
    To determine how well instructional objectives have been met
    2.Quiz Assessment tool that is composed of pre-planned or structured items Used to evaluate students' acquisition of knowledge
    3. Cloze test Test wherein some words have been deleted randomly To provide a measure of reading comprehension
    4.Checklist Type of observational testing to determine presence or absence of a certain behavior To document student's rate or degree of ...

    Solution Summary

    This report includes a matrix of types of informal assessments, their characteristics and their respective uses. Informal assessments were categorized into two - structured and unstructured. Considering their characteristics and uses, informal assessments could contribute to adequate and objective assessment of student performance. However, this can be ensured if the tests used are valid and reliable - that is, they are able to measure what they are supposed to measure,with the highest degree of consistency possible.