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Vocabulary Development

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Create a matrix or chart which demonstrates 8-10 teaching strategies for vocabulary development. Include:
1. The vocabulary strategies
2. Informal assessments to measure learning for each strategy
3. How to differentiate for ELL or special needs students
Use peer-reviewed articles to support your content.

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The expert creates a matrix or chart which demonstrates 8-10 teaching strategies.

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For this one - create a chart with room for 8 different strategies. You want three columns - a) Strategy b) Possible Assessment and c) Differentiated strategy for ELL and Special Needs Students

Possible Strategies I can think of are:

Explicitly teach the vocabulary (teach individual words) - If you will, this is the "old school" method of teaching language, but it works. This involves having students use the dictionary to discover meaning in words. Also, another strategy here would involve demonstrating the use of a word in context and then having the student demonstrate it back (possible assessment). For ELL learners, you can have them use their own ...

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