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James Joyce's Evaline: Summation and conclusion

Please choose one of these questions to respond to the story 'Eveline' by James Joyce.

- What is your perception of Eveline's father? Do you have sympathy for him at all or do you feel he treats his daughter poorly?

- Why is Eveline so conflicted about leaving her family?

- What is your interpretation of the ending of the story? Do you think Eveline leaves? Why?

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Of the three choices that you have to choose from, question 1 implies a correct answer, and so does question 2. Question 3, however, asks for your interpretation of the story's ending. That means that whatever you think is correct, depending, of course, upon the reasons that you cite for your belief, and those reasons do not particularly have to come from the story, as everyone reads a story, hears a song and views a movie with their own experiences coloring their impressions of what they see and hear. Therefore, I would choose to answer prompt three, if I were choosing one of the three to answer, since it appears that question is the most ambiguous, and a wide range of answers could be considered correct.

I would format my response based on the standard English formatting of a persuasive essay, since you want to persuade the class teacher that your thoughts on the ending of the story are plausible and logical ones.

You could write the essay from two formats, either inductive or deductive. The difference between the two is that one starts with the general conclusion and then presents the detailed reasons for it, and the other starts with the detailed reasons, and then derives the general conclusion based upon the reasons. The essay will work either way. I prefer stating the general conclusion, and then presenting ideas that support it - but you can go either ...

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James Joyce's short story Evaline discusses a young woman's life, and ends ambiguously. This solution discusses what she might choose to do, and why might she make that choice in about 1,025 words.