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    Elementary teacher interview, analysis and reflection, APA

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    Select a site for interviewing an elementary teacher in a grade level of your choice.

    · Interview the teacher and ask him or her to reflect on students' development in each developmental domain:

    o Physical

    o Cognitive or intellectual

    o Emotional

    o Social

    · Write a paper on the interview. Include the following:

    o Site information: Teacher's name, grade level, location, and type of classroom

    o Summary of teacher's response to developmental domains

    o Reflection, including use of developmental theory in the classroom

    · Format the paper according to APA standards (include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page).


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    I am assuming that you posted this assignment because you do not have access to such a teacher, and you are asking for an OTA who fits these teacher interview requirements to assist you. I am such a teacher. I am certified in Art, grades K-12. Elementary school art teachers often teach multiple grade levels, and that makes answering the interview questions problematic, since I deal with multiple age ranges. For the purposes of this assignment, I will answer your interview questions from the standpoint of my 5th graders, both to narrow the depth and breadth of my responses, and to facilitate your assignment's instructions in writing a paper based on the results of the interview question responses.

    Student's development in the physical domain: 5th graders are primarily pre-pubescent, meaning that they have not yet entered puberty. There are occasional exceptions among those students who have been retained multiple times. Our county has experienced pregnancy in a student in the fifth grade who had been retained twice, so not every elementary student has not entered puberty, but most have not - yet. Puberty, and the growth, hormonal and sexual changes that students experience are the primary concerns and problems with physical growth and academic progress in students at this age and just beyond this age. Students in the fifth grade generally have not experienced that adolescent growth spurt, and are mostly uniformly shorter and smaller than their teachers, which is not always the case in middle school just a few years down the line. Generally, any abnormalities in growth have been identified by this stage, and such students are already receiving therapy. Mostly, my fifth graders are at the "gangly puppy" stage; awkward and uncoordinated, especially with fine motor skills necessary for producing some artworks. Most are physically thin, although that generalization is changing as more and more students this age are overweight. I have really noticed this change in the time I have been teaching - nineteen years.

    In the emotional domain, 5th graders are immature and non-self-reliant, with short attention spans. It is easy to spot the students who have chores that are their responsibility at home, as they have markedly more self-confidence and self-reliance than ...

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    Elementary teacher online interview of 5th grade art students in physical, emotional, social, intellectual/cognitive domains; analysis, reflection. APA (6th ed.) formatted sample.