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Selection process for an elementary school teacher

What kind of interview questions will be asked to a person being interviewed for an elementary school teacher? What questions will be used to assess the individual's fit to the prevailing organizational culture?

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Elementary School Specific

1. What type of reading program did you use in student teaching? (basal, novel, whole language, etc)
2. How would you describe the ways that children learn from birth to age 9?
3. If you could design the ideal classroom for the elementary grades what would it look like?
4. We know that children learn by making connections. What implications does this have for curriculum at the elementary level?
5. Which subject area do you believe is your strength, which is your weakest? What steps will you take to improve in this area?

General Questions - Assessing the individual's fit to the prevailing organizational culture
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What are the most important or worthwhile qualifications of a good ...