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Grade Inflation and Performance Evaluations

The author provides a very broad overview of debate issues related to grade inflation in academia and inflated performance evaluation in the corporate world. The author cites the primary issues in the on-going debates and then suggests links to the debates on sites such as "Linked In" so that the student can choose which aspects of the debate are most appropriate and hone in on those sites that best focus on the issues of interest.

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First, there's an interesting article giving an over view of the suspected link between grade inflation and faculty evaluations.

Here's that link:http://www.newfoundations.com/Policy/Barndt.html

Here's another literature review, but it seems more specific to academia. I sense you are seeking input about performance evaluations being inflated so I'm going to try to address from that ...

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This solution seeks to present links to on-going debates about any perceived correlation between grade inflatin in college and inflated performance evaluations in corporate America.