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children's developmental domains

Compare and contrast two children's developmental domains (social, cognitive, physical), one from an enriched environment and one from a deprived environment. Describe how these two children might differ in first grad

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If one is assuming that the two environments differ primarily in socio-economic class status , the differences are most like going to vastly outweigh the similarities when examining children in fist grade. While the two may share the same chronological age, there are more likely to be different not only in social development but likely different in cognitive and physical development as well.
Concerning physical development there is a stronger correlation between parental education and economic affluence. If the parents are better educated and economically affluent, their child will more likely be better nourished than the child whose parents cannot afford a nutritionally sound diet. Therefore, if the deprived child is malnourished s/he will likely suffer delays in physical growth that result from a diet not rich in calcium and other ...

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This job examines children's developmental domains.