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What a teacher needs to set up a second grade classroom

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Apply your understanding of a second grader's emotional and social development to explain the set up of your future classroom.

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When a teachers starts to think of setting up his/her classroom, many factors come into mind. You have to think of not only how the room would be set up physically but also how it would best meet the needs of your students. You should consider the developmental milestones that children the age of your students go through. Since second graders are more likely to worry more and tend to have less confidence, their classroom should be a warm, positive learning environment with an ever encouraging teacher. The teacher's desk would be in the back of the room. There would be tables instead of rows of desks. This would enable group work more efficiently and gives students ample opportunities to encourage the growing independence that is generally seen in children of this age.

Through these activities students can also be given opportunities to practice cooperation, taking turns, ...

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There are factors that a teacher should keep in mind when setting up a second grade classroom. It should not only be a physically pleasant environment but it should also an environment where second graders can thrive academically, emotionally and socially. The following solution gives suggestions to second grade teachers on how they should set up their classrooms.

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