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accommodations in the classroom for Rupert

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I need help in what I should do in accommodations in the classroom for Rupert. Why do you think he needs accommodations? And---- What do you think about the note from the parent?
Rupert is a Black male who lives on a ranch on the outskirts of town. They raise horses and dairy cows and Rupert has daily chores. Rupert entered kindergarten as a very rambunctious boy. He had difficulty sitting still and struggled with the kindergarten assessment skills, scoring well below grade level. Rupertâ??s parents moved to the area and enrolled Rupert in Christmas Elementary School at the beginning of second grade. Rupert was identified for special education in second grade, qualifying in reading and writing, but not for emotionally disabled. By 5th grade, he was recommended again for special education emotionally disabled, but did not qualify. He was described as very hyperactive. Rupert struggles with authority at school, being referred to the office quite frequently. By 6th grade, Rupert is functioning on grade level in math, but learning disabled for reading and writing. He does not do his homework at home on a consistent basis, and the parents do not reinforce the importance of completing his homework. He likes recess and other students like having him on their team in PE and social games. He is described as very athletic.

Note to parents

Dear Mrs. Sanders,

The school is very concerned about Rupertâ??s lack of focus in school. His teacher reports that he is constantly bothering other students in class, which interferes with the learning of others. He is not bringing back any of his homework and we have not seen a signed Assignment Sheet from you in more than a month. Rupert is failing in both Reading and Writing. The school has been trying to contact you to set up an appointment for some time now. I need to meet with you soon. The school would like to discuss some interventions on Rupertâ??s behalf. We would like your permission to have Rupert tested to see if he would qualify for help in some of his academic areas. We feel this would be in Rupertâ??s best interest to help him be successful in school.

Please contact me immediately,

Stefani Barreto, Principal
Note from parent
Dear Elemntry Skool,

Please eskuse Rupert from finishing his home work. We were gone all night. I no he needs to finnish to go on the feeld trip, but he was gone all night.

Thank you for letting him go.

Ruperts Mom

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Rupert appears to have difficulty paying attention and staying focused in class. His lack of focus is causing Rupert to have trouble with reading and writing; both of which require a student to focus. Rupert seems to be a kinesthetic learner, which means that he learns best when he is actively moving his body.

Based on the note from the parents, it is clear that Rupert's mother has some difficulty with writing the English language. We need to be careful that we ...

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This posting brainstorms ideas to devise accommodations in the classroom for Rupert.

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