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Special Education in Aboriginal Communities

In a grade 3/4 class in an Aboriginal community (with little resources), a beginning teacher is confronted by an extremely active class and a gifted student who continuously challenges him as well as the other students. Could you please explain to me the widely held assumptions or beliefs might be called into question given the above situation? About groups of students, teaching, classrooms?

Thank you

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In terms of assumptions, there could be many.

In terms of the beginning teacher, there would probably be assumptions by the students that he/she is naive and cannot handle the class, so they push the limits. The parents might also think that a beginning teacher is just not equipped to deal with the students if she/he begins to note the difficulties in the classroom. Many times people, even administrators, assume that it's the beginning teacher's issue and not a student issue because ...

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The continuous challenges of other students is determined. The expert examines special education in aboriginal communities.