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    What are some possible student health and safety issues?

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    What are some possible student health and safety issues?

    What is the teacher's role in identifying and assessing these issues?

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    What are some possible student safety issues? There are many. I come from a background of a kindergarten teacher of 20 years. My perspective from answering this question comes from my experience in the actual "bricks and mortar" classroom". The health and safety issues which face the elementary student are many. First and foremost it is the responsibility of the teacher and school officials to provide a safe environment for the students who attend their school. This becomes effective when the student arrives on campus until the students departs for their home every day.

    Student safety issues can be as simple as informing students that it is a requirement to walk down the hall. A teacher begins each school year with rules and regulations on school safety. Students learn the basic rules which hopefully prevent accidents. Our classroom study begins with lessons on how to handle pencils, scissors, and even their own personal chairs. These lessons are taught because students can stick pencils where they don't belong. Scissors can be handled inappropriately in the kindergarten classroom. Personal chairs can become torpedoes in the classroom when students are required to move them. The biggest school safety issue which faces all students is the playground area. Students of all ages experience safety issues on playgrounds all across the country. It is the ...

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    The solution discusses what are some possible student health and safety issues and the teacher's role in identifying these issues.