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Injury Reporting - Campus Food Service Case Study

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Case Study:
A student is asked to "minimize" accidents in a campus kitchen and that her grade depends on it. She was asked to glaze over accidents involving employee injuries and some OSHA issues. Provide examples that support why this student should not intentionally lie about these safety and health issues that were clearly violated.

The report should include three focal points on why proper reporting of accidents is warranted: avoiding potential lawsuits, government audits by agencies such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) may result in fines if accidents are inaccurately documented and due diligence in providing a safe work environment for employees - providing benefits due if an accident does occur. The solution clearly explains each of these points and how they benefit both the campus, as the employer, and the student employees.

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For any employer, employees are often one of the biggest expenses in operating costs. Some of those expenses, such as benefits, are impacted by experience rating - or the amount of incidents that occur. This case study involves students working in campus food service; and one is asked to "minimize" the amount of accidents that are reported. The analysis fully details what actions the student should take in not diminishing the accident rates. The solution is over 650 words.

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The report should include three areas of impact for not properly reporting accidents: potential legal ramifications for the school if injured students pursue a lawsuit over lack of benefits due, governmental audits and potential fines; and finally due diligence of doing what is morally right.

The report should include a risk management assessment, indicating if the injuries are not properly managed at the time of occurrence, the potential for a lawsuit will likely cost several fold what the initial claim would have. Most states have some form of workers' compensation system; whereas often the employer and employees contribute to an "insurance" like program for coverage of work-related injuries. The amount paid is often connected to an employer's "experience rating" - or how many injuries are occurring within the workplace; as compared to others in the same industry. Because rates are based on incidents, many employers do not want to report injuries. However, ...

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