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School Safety

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Critically discuss and analyze where the line should be drawn between protecting student privacy rights and allowing school officials to take steps to ensure a safe environment.

Sub topics to consider;

Issues of violence and safety on the campus
Identify and discuss the elements of a safe campus
the role of the teacher/instructor and education leader in preventing violence. Issues related to campus crime reporting and student searches.

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Violence on the school campuses has been growing since the terminal events such as
large school disasters both natural and man-made have been occurring with alarmingly larger
rates. This has put planners and administrators on alert to look for problems that may be
contributing to this all-time high. Obviously, a natural disaster cannot be eliminated but the
preparedness can assist for both this kind and those acts of violence that are by the hand of
humans. Looking at what may be contributors to violence on campus, it is easy to see that
pressure is high when it comes to succeeding both academically and socially. Feeling out of
place or an outsider can be a catalyst to taking the next step which may be self-inflicted injury or
injury to others. When students are trying to get scholarships or into graduate schools, grades are
the highest priority. Jobs are competitive and the higher achieving student needs excellent grades
and the student is paying to for this experience. If they feel they have been cheated in some way,
they may want to take out their revenge in a violent manner (Baker & Boland, 2011).

The role of safety normally comes under the jurisdiction of campus police or safety
officer. This is a large burden for campuses with large student bodies. They often must take
care of unruly students, calls of late night parties while actually doing the work meant for ...

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Discussion of the aspects of violence and safety on campus.

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