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    instruments for math class

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    What do you think about students being required to purchase special instruments for math class? For example, would you require your students to purchase protractors and compasses? Other alternatives would be for the school to own them, if possible, just for use in the classroom. Or for you, the teacher to demonstrate them in front of the class but the students not to use them at all. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of these options.

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    Student purchase

    One of the requirements of students for every school includes extra supplies to offset the overall cost of schooling for the schools. A math class, for example may require students to purchase protractors, compasses and such for personal use in the course. This added expense would mean parents must add between $10 and $20 to the family's school budget per student to cover these expenses.

    Another aspect to consider with the students and these types of mathematical instruments would be safety. Many public and some private schools require students to pass through metal ...

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