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School Uniforms

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Debate: Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Student Discipline and Motivation?

I need help on writing a persuasive paper that supports your opionion. Acknowledge the argument above of the opposing side and refute them with research. In this same paper I need to research this material and find three reliable sources. I have to format this paper APA Format.

Content should have the following:
Need to identify current issues being debated,clearly states the thesis, supports three sources, identifies the opposing viewpoint and effectively refutes it by supporting thesis.

some resources I found is "introduction to the foundations of american education (13th ed.)

Please try and keep the wording between 500-1000

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As you create your persuasive paper about uniforms as a strategy to improve student discipline and motivation, please allow my ideas to help. Once you write your paper, please send to me for editing and feedback:

Please first add a creative hook or introduction to lure readers about your topic. As you then state your position and thesis, I believe that mandatory school uniforms improve students' discipline and motivation because they decrease distractions and peer pressure, increase safety, and foster discipline. You can then take each point and make it into a separate paragraph with research to verify.

First, supporters of school uniforms proclaim that uniforms are effective for decreasing distractions and reducing peer pressure. Research from schools in Washington, D.C. further suggests "that wearing of school uniforms reduces peer pressure suffered by students who might not be attired in the current fashion" (http://mdm.gwu.edu/forman/GSmodels/Uniforms.PDF). When students feel safe from scorn and ridicule, they feel a greater sense of emotional, social, physical, and intellectual security. As a result, ...

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This posting debates the use of school uniforms.

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