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Early Childhood Education: School uniform policies

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Local communities have made decisions to adopt school uniform policies as part of an overall program to reduce substance use, violence, other behavioral problems, and increase attendance. Some large public school systems have either voluntary or mandatory uniform policies, mostly in elementary and middle schools. This solution is in response to whether there are disadvantages and advantages of a mandatory uniform policy. Do you believe that student uniforms have direct effects on specific behavioral and academic outcomes? Why?

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The need for a system in educating children has led to policies for uniform school codes. Thus, a momentum grows in debates as to what works best in educating children, and what does not. For example, a study was conducted to examine the effects of student uniforms on variables such as: attendance, behavior problems, substance use, anfand academic achievement (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 1998). While the study found that a uniform school code did not have negative effects on behavioral outcomes, school attendance, performance, etc., the findings suggest that uniforms did not lead to an improvement in attendance, behavior, drug use, or academic achievement.

Some of the advantages of a uniform dress code may include:

? helps students concentrate on studies, and thus perform ...

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Some public school systems have eithr voluntary or mandatory school uniform policies. This topic discusses the advantages and disadvantage of mandatory school unifform codes.

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