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Informal Proposal For Designer Uniform Company

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Imagine that your friend Amy, who has started her own designer uniform company, has asked your help in drafting a proposal. Her goal is to offer her colorful yet functional uniforms to hospitals and clinics. She needs a proposal that will describe why these organizations should use her product.

Use the web to find at least two examples of business proposals to use as a guide. Then prepare a short, informal proposal for Chloe. Be sure to use proper formatting. Include the following:

Introduction: Include a description of Chloe's company and what it offers.

Background, Problem, Purpose: In this section, describe the uniforms and how they can help the hospital or clinic. Why should the company choose these uniforms?

Research: In this section, describe the research that went into the creation of these uniforms as well as why Chloe decided they could benefit the health care industry.

Results: Conclude by establishing the importance of the uniforms.

Explain why this proposal should be informal rather than formal.

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Informal proposal is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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Introduction: The firm makes colorful yet functional uniforms for hospitals and clinics. The company has been set up in 2014 and makes high quality range of designer Hospital Uniforms & Industrial Uniforms. The range comprises Doctor's Uniforms, Nurses Vests & Trouser, Surgeon's Govern, Patient's Scrub Suit, and X-Ray Dress. The company offers uniforms for hospitals and clinics that are colorful. The uniforms have been made with superior thread strength, excellent stitching, high quality knitting, and elegant appearance. If the uniforms of the company are used, they will provide recognition, increase comfort, and increase employee morale. The uniforms will also help the patients identify health care professionals.

The background is that color coded uniforms have become a norm in hospitals and clinics. The first advantage is to the patients. They are able to identify the personnel simply by seeing the color of their clothes. There are other reasons why hospitals have adopted the use of uniforms for their staff. Uniforms are easy to fit, easy to replace, and easy to change into and out of. The designer uniforms give hospitals and clinics a choice of fabrics and colors. Overall hospitals and clinics have widely adapted uniforms.

Problem: Hospitals and ...

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