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    History of Business

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    Multiple dilemmas in the history of a business were expereinced in a financial category, some of ethical issues, and some dealing with personnel.
    I need some help in addressing the following:

    - Determine the value of the products versus the value of the services in a business;

    - Review and recommend a solution to the high attrition rates at one of the plants;

    - the decisions of using "knock-offs" of designer towels, but marketing them as the real name brand version;

    - going international to reduce operational costs;

    - and creating a new database system.

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    Step 1
    The value of product versus the value of services in business can be resolved easily. The values should be balanced in accordance with the needs of the customers. The value of product versus the value of services can also be balanced by observing the offerings of competitors. As the firm needs to be competitive, the value of product/service in the offering of rivals gives a good clue as to how this dilemma can be resolved.

    Step 2
    The high attrition rates are at one of the plants. Since the salary, benefits, and compensation policy is uniform for the entire company these cannot ...

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