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    Advanced Entrepreneurship: Presentation of your Business Plan

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    Presenting Business Plans
    Consider the following scenario:

    A venture capitalist has expressed interest in potentially funding your new business venture and has asked for a presentation of your business plan. Write 4-6 paragraphs that will provide some guidelines that can be used for effectively presenting your plan to venture capitalists. Make sure to cover the following in your response:

    - What type of venture capital company should you look for?
    - What financial information should be included?
    - How will you close the deal?
    - What should your presentation include?
    - What devices or tools would you use to ensure the audience becomes interested and invested?
    - How will you follow-up?

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    What type of venture capital company should you look for?

    We should look for a VC company that not only provides funding for our growth, but also brings in significant management capabilities to assist in implementation of our strategic plans. Such VC firms helps the company via their contacts and expertise as well as management experience and become active investors in the company.

    What financial information should be included?

    Apart from the historical financial statements, we should include pro forma financial statements or ...