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Benefits of school uniforms

My research problem is "Do you believe school uniforms help with the performance of the school?" I need help with putting into words the problem definition and developing of an approach to the problem. Developing an approach to the problem is the second step in the marketing research process. The components of an approach consist of an objective/theoretical framework, analytical models, research questions, hypotheses, and specification of information needed.The objective for this research paper is for school uniforms companies. This company wants to see if their is a need to continue selling uniforms in a particular city.
Here are the questions below:
1) What school does your child attend?
2) Do your kids wear uniforms to school?
3) Do you believe uniforms improve the behaviors of students?
4) What city is the school in?

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Questions 1, 2, and 4, are personal in nature and are best answered by you or people closest to you. However, I can provide information as to whether or not uniforms improve the behavior or performance of students based on my personal findings, experience, and research.
Uniforms promote cohesion within classrooms, organizations, and institution. The appearance of classmates or team members display an institutional union that ensures to the external environment that everyone is in agreement of the institutional philosophies, perspectives, belief system, or agenda.

I do not believe uniforms enhances performance, rather it is a tool that most institutions use to generate a professional environment to prevent the ongoing problem of students dressing inappropriately. One of the major problems during my stint in high school is the dress code. Girls were prohibited from wearing skirts too short, or blouses too revealing. Boys were encouraged not to wear sagging pants and cut off jeans. Violators were ...

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This problem solution evaluates if uniform integration increases performance in schools. Researchers state that there is not enough data to support this claim, however, uniforms may create a positive impact on students and the institution. Unfortunately, there are some negative ramifications of imposing uniforms such as, rebellion and/or disobedience. This document will review the most common advantages and disadvantages of imposing school uniforms on the student body.