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    Life Skills Groups Design for Teens

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    A brief description of group design for teens in junior high and high school. Topics are suggested given educational context in mind, including health, safety, counseling, identity formation, tolerance, prevention of risky behaviors, relationship conflicts and issues that teens experience during junior high and in high schools, as well as groups focused on life skills.

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    Life Skills Groups for Teens (Junior high and high school students)

    Designing and offering interactive and effective group on life skills to teens is an important service that school guidance counselors can offer to students in junior high and high school to students.

    Such a group can be based on students' feedback on problem areas in their lives.

    Junior high is a time in young adolescents' lives when they experience stress from feeling pressured to do well in school academically, have to handle peer influences, get attracted by and must avoid risky behaviors and will have parental relationship conflicts. These are all typically very common issues that stay on beyond junior high school age. Teens in high school feel the need to live their lives more independently and resist discipline by teachers and parents.

    To help teens better manage stress in their lives, it is a great idea to have school based counseling support through appropriate life skills focused groups that can be designed and offered to all teens while they struggle in different areas on their lives.

    Some of the topics which can addressed in ...

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    The Solution identifies appropriate life skills groups for teens in junior high and high school, useful for those studying to become teachers and counselors.