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    The Role of the Administrator and Issues of Justice

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    What is the role of the administrator in rectifying justice issues such as health and safety? Also can you recommend at least one potential solution to this justice issue using the ethical decision-making model.

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    One of the main points we have to consider involves laws and regulations. An administrator has to rectify justice issues that involve health and safety while staying in compliance with all federal laws. The exact nature of the health and safety issues also have to be considered. We have privacy issues, general safety issues, and compliance with OSHA. The administrator's job in the profit and/or non-profit organization is to constantly supervise these types of issues. Oversight is the biggest component of compliance and in terms of health and safety, the administrator can appoint personnel to different sectors of this oversight, but is ...

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    This solution explains the role of the administrator in dealing with justice issues, including health and safety. This solution also explains an implementable step that can be used in the ethical decision-making model when confronted with justice issues from the standpoint of an administrator.