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Classroom management, student behavior, and learning.

Can someone help me create a philosophical statement detailing beliefs about classroom management, student behavior, and learning. You should include a description of what you believe determines or makes good classroom management. You should have a brief introductory statement; then, list your beliefs in bullet form:
â?¢ The philosophy presented should be directly related to classroom management.
â?¢ The philosophy presented should be specifically geared to meet the learning needs of all students.
â?¢ The philosophy presented should be including your brief introductory statement.
â?¢ The philosophy presented should follow this format.

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My philosophy about education has evolved through a collection of life experience, observing trends in education over the prior decades and academic exposure. Just as one might practice law or medicine, one best consider the work of a teacher as that of an artist more so than an accountant. The breadth of components that range from elected board members, senior staff, new energetic young teachers and revolving administrators creates an ever changing environment, whereby adding the component of students coming and leaving the system every year makes an intricate situation.

With that dynamic environment, it's best for all the entire caste of characters to act in a polite, patient and professional manner, regardless of where one falls in the spectrum of the organization. Consistency, despite changes in staff are very important. A teacher must be organized, ...

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