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    Orderly flexible classrooms

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    Dysfunctional learning environments

    You can find a video that shows the environment and post the link, create a case study scenario that describes the environment, or you can relate an actual classroom from your own academic experience that employed the environment. Next, describe the skills the teacher will need to learn to change to an orderly-flexible learning environment. Lastly, reflect on the skills you will need to develop in order to maintain an orderly-flexible learning environment.

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    Flexible learning consists of learning in which the learner has substantial control over the logistics of learning, notably the location and timing of the learner's learning activity. Flexible learning involves is loosening traditional logistical or educational constraints. Within this context there also must be order to ensure that the learner can effectively complete their academic goals under the guidance of a professional instructor. The ability to start a course of study at any time in the year, rather than at the beginning of a traditional semester is an example of meso-level flexibility. Another staple of flexible learning is the capability to learn from anywhere as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar classroom in traditional learning classes, flexible learning seeks to minimize the disruption to the learner's other activities by enabling them to learn at home or work as opposed to choosing between staying at home or going to class (Goodyear, 2011).

    Orderly-Flexible Learning Environment Case Study:

    The case study I have created involves online classrooms which espouse the quintessential tenets of flexible learning coupled with orderly structured environments. The order emanates from class management and rules.

    Class Management and Rules

    A.Online universities and schools hire adjunct professors and teachers to manage the classroom for the students by monitoring discussion boards, setting forth the rules established by the university or school as to online etiquette, required amount of interaction with other students, and other necessary academic requirements. These are carefully managed by the professor or teacher, but also enable the student the flexibility to respond to posts at either 1:00 in the evening or 1:00 in the morning because there is no time constraints other than interaction must begin at the beginning of the class week, and assignments must be turned in before 12:00 p.m. at the end of the class week i.e. the class may begin at Wednesday at 12:01p.m., and end Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.

    Curriculum Management

    The curriculum in online classes is structured and consistent across classes as it is developed by ...

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    This research describes the methods on how to transition a dysfunctional classroom into a orderly functional classroom.