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    Due Process and Safe Schools

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    In my opinion students do not have the same rights inside the schoolhouse as they have outside. This is necessary in the name of order, discipline, and school safety. Administrators are empowered by a wide variety of federal, state and local laws and policies to maintain orderly and safe schools. School leaders have to balance order and respect the rights of students. Parents, students, community members, legislature, and educators do seem to agree on at least one thing, safe and orderly schools are important.

    To add to my thoughts, please give a substantial answer to each discusstion question.

    1. What is a "well-ordered" school, and why is this term important to school discipline and safety?
    2. What is due process and why is it important to a "well-ordered" school?
    3. Should zero-tolerance policies be used to promote school safety?

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    These are interesting questions and especially pertinent to my feelings about teaching. I experienced teaching in a public high school, that in my opinion, was in violation of the principles of maintaining discipline, safety and order. I was able to experience first hand what it's like to teach in an environment like this. Since then, I've tutored individual students and I see the fallout from an educational system that has forgotten the significance of a disciplined environment. I was raised by a father and mother who were professional educators. They spoke frequently of the challenges presented by issues related to misbehavior. My father was especially committed to the importance of maintenance of school order at the administrative level. I had substantial training about classroom management at Muskingum University. The importance of a well ordered school system that maintains due process with zero-tolerance policies are indelibly imprinted on my mind!

    A well ordered school consists of a physical property in good order with an administration that provides the infrastructure of enforced rules for the benefit of their student population and the teachers that work within it. It's a school ...

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    This solution is a reflection of the author on the importance of discipline and maintenance of order in schools. The importance of concepts learned by teachers from PRAXIS in maintaining a safe and accommodating learning environment extend to the administration of school systems from the top down. This piece is of special value for discussion groups focusing on discipline and the importance of not only stating rules but maintaining them for the good of all students. The view that lenience with rules violators encroaches on the educational rights of non-offenders is explored.