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Positive Behavior in the Classroom

How can a classroom teacher provide positive behavior support to his/her students if the school has not adopted this philosophy?

What are some problems or road blocks with this and what are some potential resources?

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Suggestions to provide positive behavior support to students:
1. Achieve effective prevention of inappropriate challenging behavior by arranging the classroom environment and adapting the curriculum and instructional strategies to suit the students. Students usually exhibit challenging acts and behavior due to certain environmental events or as a response to their emotional states. Teachers need to prepare the classroom environment in such a way that it is conducive for learning, all materials are ready and in proper place, temperature is good, and more. The teachers can change the environment, curriculum or instruction to minimize events that can trigger the challenging behavior. Among these are transferring seats because behavior is triggered when sitting next to a taunting peer; modifying the structure of a difficult activity making it easier and simpler for students to understand thereby motivating them to participate; and slowing down the pace of the lesson if ...

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