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Educator fingerprint and criminal check, T chart

Research the fingerprint process in your state. This may actually be a state statute. The Human Resource Department of your local school district or local Police Department can also help you with this.

Identify the following:

Ã?Ë? Offenses that would preclude a teacher candidate from receiving fingerprint clearance
Ã?Ë? Tiers or classes for fingerprint approval based on prior convictions which may exist in your state
Ã?Ë? Appeals process if a candidate is denied
Ã?Ë? Timelines for the fingerprint process
Ã?Ë? Fees: who pays, the candidate or the school district
Ã?Ë? Anything else you might find

Prepare a fingerprint T-chart of your findings. If you are unsure what a T-chart is, google the word T-chart and you should find an example. It is a chart in the shape of the capital letter TÂ?. You may use a question/answer format or any other format that you think will describe the information in a T.

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Discussion of educator fingerprint and criminal background checks required by federal and state law, with results organized in a T chart format.