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Technology and Communication Advancements in the Criminal Justice System

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Explains how technology has affected the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system.

Include the following in your paper:

A comparison of at least two types of specialized databases, such as the following:
- Mobile data terminals
- Live scan <
- Facial recognition
- Iris scan <

Overall positive effect due to new technologies
Overall negative effect due to new technologies
A discussion about which new specialized technologies you might want to use and why

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Technology that is predicated upon biometrics has revolutionized the criminal justice field. DNA and fingerprinting technology has enabled officers and police departments to possess better science when identifying suspects as well as for preventing innocent suspects from becoming entrapped in the criminal justice system. Some technological advances that have revolutionized the 21st century police force include such programs as Live-scan, Iris scan, and other important programs that have improved the quality of policing in the past decade. These programs have the potential of transforming the way that suspects are identified in the future.

I will discuss two of the most promising programs in this summary including Iris scan and Live-scan. These will be compared in regards to contrasts and similarities that the two programs have to ascertain which program would be most recommendable for my hypothetical police department. In addition the negatives or undesirable impact that these programs could potentially have on a police department will also be briefly discussed.

Iris can technology is an innovative way for law enforcement to employ biometrics into their police departments with proven and reliable results. The premise behind this technology is for law enforcement to utilize the 270 plus identifiable unique characteristics that make up the human eye in an effort to scan an individual's eye. This technology has many attributes that makes it ideal for law enforcement including the fact that it is small, mobile, fairly inexpensive, and has the capability to be used during traffic stops. The technology could feasibly be used on suspects and individuals that have been convicted of criminal acts in the past. Currently some law enforcement agencies have utilized this technology by purchasing iris scans to record convicts that have been convicted of sex offenses. The accuracy of the program is the reason why it could revolutionize how suspects are identified.

Other scanners pale in ...

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Technology and communication advancements in the criminal justice system are examined.

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