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Fingerprint checks for teaching candidates

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â?¢ Research the fingerprint process in your state.
â?¢ Identify what specific offenses would preclude teacher candidates from receiving fingerprint clearance.
â?¢ Describe different tiers or classes for fingerprint approval based on prior convictions that might exist in your state.
â?¢ Summarize the appeal process if a candidate is denied. Include timelines, fees, and other details of this process.

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Research the fingerprint process in your state.

The state of Georgia does not have a state-centralized fingerprint clearance system for teacher candidates. Each local system, counties usually, but also some city or district school systems, impose their own rules and regulations for investigation of potential teacher candidates' possible criminal records clearance process. Most systems that I know of do have some sort of process in place. Generally, candidates must submit a statement with their applications acknowledging that they will submit to a criminal records check if they are offered a contract, and that the contract is temporary pending the results of that check. So, candidates are aware at the time they submit an application for employment that such a check will be made. Some systems pay for the criminal record check on behalf of the candidate, and some require the candidate to pay for the check. Some reimburse the candidate if the check is negative, some ...

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Discussion of background and criminal record checks, including fingerprinting for teaching candidates in Georgia.