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    Prejudice and discrimination - not the same

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    Discuss/explain the differing views of prejudice and discrimination.

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    Everyone is prejudiced. This is not always a bad thing, and it acts as a valuable self-defense mechanism in many cases. No one is free of judgment, and we all size up someone we meet (or see!) usually within a few seconds. This happens almost instantaneously. That is instinctive and automatic. What we choose to do with that judgment is a complex blend, and takes into consideration all of the following: circumstances, thought, sensitivity, education, conditioning, logic, character and my own free choice. Prejudice is a negative view regarding others, because of their sex, their sexual orientation, their race, ethnicity, social status (or lack thereof) religion, age (!), political views, their dress, their speech, and nearly any other thing ...

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    A discussion of the difference between prejudice and discrimination, with examples is provided.