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Prejudice and discrimination in diverse organizations

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Prejudice and discrimination based on culture group identity continues in many societies of the world and in their organizations. Discrimination among persons in positions of power, toward a particular identity group, will have adverse effects on the career outcomes of members of that group. I would like your opinion on the proposition.

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This solution discusses the effects of discrimination and prejudice in the workplace because of culture group. The effects of globalization is also discussed. It provides definitions to key terms as well as a text with 533 words.

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Key terms:
 cultural group identity in social context
 cultural identity in organizational context
 prejudice - "a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation" (www.hyperdictionary.com)
 discrimination - an unfair treatment that a person applies to another according to factors that are not directly related to its ability or potential, such as age, disability, sex, or national origin; "an unfair treatment applied to a person on a basis of a prejudice" (www.hyperdictionary.com)

By its very definition, discrimination is a negative attitude. While it is true that we can talk about "positive discrimination" (e.g. give to an ethnical minority governmental grants that other groups cannot have, is a discrimination aimed at helping a group without punishing another), the first and most ...

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