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    Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination

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    What are prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination? How do these work to impede diversity in the workplace? Provide specific examples to illustrate your points.

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    Prejudice is when you hold beliefs about others that are preconceived. That is, you think something about them and you do not even know them (yet). Usually the beliefs are unfavorable but can go both ways and are based on some fact that you know about them, such as liking people that show up early for event, not liking someone because they don't shine their shoes, or thinking favorable of someone because they live in your neighborhood.

    Stereotyping is adopting views about groups of people or types of individuals and assuming that everyone ...

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    This solution is 378 words and three references and explains and gives examples of these three ideas and guides you to see how this works against diversity.