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Effects of educator's prejudice

How do teachers' or administrators' negative statements make students feel? Can you provide an example? What can be done about this type of name-calling?

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Negative statements made by a professional regarding a client, regardless of profession, have profound impacts upon many people, even those who APPEAR not to care or be affected. Generally, the younger the person, the more deeply the negativity bites into the psyche - but this is a generalization, and many adults are also equally wounded by careless remarks. At least adults have a greater range of experience and self-control (usually) to be able to rationalize the hurtful comments away, such as "Well, their opinion does not matter anyway," or other such reasoning that helps lessen the impact of negative remarks. Most children (especially the younger ones) do not have these defense mechanisims in place, and are therefore less able to deal with them, so that the negativity cuts deeper, and leaves a deeper wound than the same remark made to an adult would have done.

Many of us can recall with razor-sharp clarity some hurtful thing that a person in ...

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A discussion of prejudice from educators and others in authority, its effects and its liabilities are determined.