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Opinion on Parent's Sitting in the Classroom During Teachings

Let's imagine that you have a student who is having trouble leaving a parent and wants their mother or father to stay at school with them during the day.

As a teacher, what is your opinion on allowing a parent to come in and sit in the classroom during your teachings?

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Most children go three phases of development where they may be especially attached to their parents or caregiver and have a hard time separating from them. Naturally, this depends on the age and character of the child. So the teacher must understand that this is a developmental obstacle for children than must be dealt with sensitivity and understanding. Therefore, as a teacher, I would not mind that parents give their children time to assimilate and feel comfortable in their new environment by attending school with them. It could be quite problematic and perhaps traumatizing if the parent abruptly left the child without warning, and may actually make adjusting a longer and more difficult process. ...

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The solution discusses the opinion on parent's sitting in the classroom during teachings.