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    Legal, Ethical, Political and Financial Factors of Testing

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    Need assitance on high stakes testing that is done in your state and/or a local school district.

    Identify testing requirements that are prerequisite to romotion or graduation.

    Discuss legal, ethical, political and/or financial issues surrounding the testing requirements. Focus your discussion on the top three issues you consider important.
    Summarize key points and present your overall viewpoint regarding the value of high stakes testing in our public schools.

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    (I would begin the essay for the question by doing research on the No Child Left Behind from its inception to the changes that have been made recently. I did a little research prior to taking on this task. Your state of Maryland seems to have a fairly small class size average and performs well on the testing instrument used to satisfy the mandate. There is quite a bit of information on the internet about your state. Remember to reference it properly.

    I teach in Missouri. I will share my views for you to use as a resource. No Child Left Behind allows each state to pick the testing instrument they will use. Therein lies the first issue for me. To say that your state scores better than we do would be a poor conclusion to draw unless both states took the same test. Our state's test is ranked number one in difficulty. Each year the number of schools who have not made adequate yearly progress grows. These schools are then by law given steps to improve. These measures include collecting data, formulating plans and allowing parents to choose another school if the present school does not meet the targeted improvement. Some schools in our state have been taken over by a board of education appointed by the state.

    It is the only test used to meet federal requirements. Issue number two finds itself here. We do not assign grades in school, give job evaluations or choose curriculum material by only one piece of reference. Why should an issue with such high consequences be judged by a single test?

    The third issue for me is the goal of all children performing at grade level by the year 2014. This is literally an impossibility. That would be like asking all ball players to have a certain batting average or all investors to earned a designated amount of money per year. Hence, the revisions I asked you to look into in the opening paragraph.

    Our state has a set of state standards. The test we administer is called the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program). All test questions are based on ...

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    This article discusses the legal, ethical, political and financial issues surrounding required testing.