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Ivory Coast

Evaluate the global value chain challenges that exist within the Ivory Coast. Describe the following in the evaluation:

o Legal and ethical issues

o Political stability

o Financial considerations

o Infrastructure

o Physical geography

o Suppliers and manufacturers

o Socio-economic factors

o Cultural factors

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The evaluation of the ethical and legal system of Ivory Coast is that even through the 1960 constitution entitles all citizens to a fair public trail; in rural areas traditional methods of justice are still prevalent. Further, indigent defendants get less representation as legal counsel is not available for the indigent. The judiciary is however, independent. The ethical issues that are related to Ivory Coast are the use of slavery and children in cocoa plantations, the clinical trial of unsafe drugs on the citizens of that country, riots that reflect the divide between the north and south, and dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast by multinational companies.

There is relative political stability in Ivory Coast since the multiparty presidential ...

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